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Ziata! Version 6.0 is now shipping and may be downloaded for free.  You have decided to order the CD-ROM, which includes the latest full version full-version install files and our special QuickStart Companion.  Registration is optional; the price of the CD is for your convenience rather than downloading and does not include the cost of registration.

Your order should ship within one business day from the date that your credit card is billed.  For U.S. destinations, you should receive your product within three business days thereafter.  If you do not receive your product within five business days, please contact us immediately at 412-765-0490 or

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Charge Amount is $49.99 (includes 1 QuickStart Companion), plus $3.00 U.S. Shipping.  Additional copies of the QuickStart Companion are available at the time of purchase of the CD for $5.99 per each additional copy.  QuickStart Companions can be ordered separately at any time for $14.99 per copy, plus $3.00 shipping. 

(Shipping outside the U.S. is additional.  There is a 6% sales tax for PA residents + 1% for Allegheny County PA residents.  All purchases are final; defective media will be replaced by manufacturer.)

Ziata! :               $
(Addit) QuickStarts:   $
Ship/Hndling:          $

Tax (PA Only):         $
Total:                 $

After submitting the form, please wait for the confirmation page.  If you have any problems, please contact the Webmaster.

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