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This page contains an up-to-date listing of changes to our customer support web, including information regarding product updates, scheduled releases, or problems and work-arounds that may affect our customers.  There are also technical notes on particular issues.  If we make any important improvements, or any serious bugs are reported or get fixed, we'll place a notice here, along with details.  The Ziata! Release History is below. See Awards and Recognitions. 

For those of you who are visiting this site as a result of your interest in E-MSG!, look no further.  E-MSG! was substantially re-written from the ground up and incorporated into Ziata! as a module.  As a result, E-MSG! now incorporates full database functionality and is the slickest database front-end around.  Take e-mail telephone messages and automatically update your core database.  WOW!  See more at our on-line Manual or the executive summary.

If you are interested in becoming a VAR or Distributor, please contact us at for details.

  • My Key Ring! Release History

    VERSION 3.1.x. The current release of My Key Ring! was released on February 1, 2005.  This is the first publicly released version separate from the high-end enterprise version.

  • Ziata! News

    VERSION 7 is due in June 05.  For a limited time, registered users of Ziata! 6.x will receive a free upgrade.  If you are not a registered user of Ziata!, now is the time to so.  There will be a significant price increase, as we have made significant improvements to this premier workflow package.

    VERSION (9/17/02)



    -Powerbar Added.

    -Powerful CC Lists. Implemented in E-MSG!, Mindsaver.

    -Now checks prepositions for New Entities, eg. "Secretary Of State" is now "Secretary of State".

    -Quickfinder, New Mindsaver, does not list the entities if the entity is known or presumed per your current work.

    -QuickFinder, added date.time sorting for creation date lookups.

    -QuickEntry. Tabstops are now enabled if neither male nor female are identified.

    -QuickEntry. Automatically enters a default address.

    -New Telecomm. Radio button to indicate type.

    -Autocapitalization is now turned off if you hold down the shift key, eg, previously, "File W/o Tab" can now be "File w/o Tab" if you hold down the shift key with the w.

    -In subfile properties, now checks for new files after creation of a subfile, in the event the folder already existed with files.

    -Entity Details. Rules for Customer editing viewing. New Rights. To view Customer General Properties, you must be allowed per security rights or any member of the customer team; to edit, you must be allowed or the first two members of the client team (e.g. if the team is a Billing Attorney, Responsible Attorney and a Paralegal, only the attorneys can edit unless the Paralegal is a member of a group with universal rights to edit.)

    To view Customer Miscellaneous Properties, you must be allowed per security rights and be any member of the customer team; to edit, you must be allowed and the first members of the client team (e.g. if the team is a Billing Attorney, Responsible Attorney and a Paralegal, only the Billing Attorneys can edit if permitted.)

    -Main Menu. Added menu items for Contacts, Tasks.

    -After creation of a new person or company, prompts for locations and telecomms.

    -After creation of a new location, prompts for adding telephone numbers.


    -EMSG! has new functionality on subject line and in the message.



    -Mindsaver logs regenerated on monthly basis.

    -Mindsaver Server has additional options for packing the database and backing up. Mindsaver will also update document objects into files. You can also launch files for maintenance. 



    -Move a Mindsaver fixed. Also it used to assign the first project/matter, even if the project was inactive, now Ziata! assigns the first *active* project of the client to whom the Mindsaver is moved.

    Contacts/Tasks; Ziata! Address Book.

    -Problem with correlation between network setup and local use in Contacts/Tasks as separate modules.

    -Contacts were not showing persons and companies from the network, if there was a network login, as a result of no login prompt.

    -Integration with Outlook now uses the Business Address also for the Home Address in Outlook for merging purposes. It does not display in the Ziata! Contacts as Home Address, but will show in Outlook as Home Address.


    -Partial QuickEntry entries fixed. Used to give an error if partial QuickEntry entries were entered.


    -File and subfile properties "Gregg Zegarelli" placeholder showed even if not possessed by a User (it displayed the correct User name if a file or subfile was actually possessed).

    -Fixed listings of subfiles.


    -Fixed word checking in addresses, "baptist" was changed to "bApartmentist". The was the result of the "apt" being automatically changed to "apartment".

    -Fixed if you search on a person's name in the personal listing dialog box and click New, the name is parsed properly for the default entry information.

    -Fixed getting e-mails from publication lists, now drills down into lists referencing other lists.

    -Listing for Subject Codes did not match the field names in the Subject Code Properties

    -Projects Property Box there was no security on revisions to the Customer Team.

    -Project Subject code retrieval would not go to current code.

    -New Assumed Names dialog box would not search for closest entry.

    -Fixed Mail Slip properties, added features.


    VERSIONS 6.0.1 Update

    Upgrade bug with apply button 
    Adding a another subscription list to a Subscription did not show the list name. (Form View Fix)
    QuickFinder, Relate Locations, Gives Default Name
    QuickFinder, speed buttons update on scroll more effectively 
    Mindsaver List had inconsequential bugs in New

    New Functionality
    QuickFinder, Mindsaver shows list of Mindsavers
    Mass Mailings: Generate Mailing: Allow Holds based upon Last Sent Date. (Disabled until international verified)

    Automatically set security key. (in Upgrade procedure)

    Core error notice checking on New Relationships (in NewTitle)

    Mindsavers not changing To-Do Tracking Date (dmworking fix)




    We've worked very hard to implement your comments suggestions; please keep them coming.  We are very pleased to respond to your needs!  There are so many changes to Version 5, we cannot even begin to list them all!  We will have a feature update list online soon.

    For example, Ziata!, through its knowledge base of males/females and family relations, now assists you in building family trees as you enter data!  There is nothing like Ziata! for your data management.

    bullet VERSION 6
    Telephone Masks
    Zip/Postal Masks
    SS Number Masks
    Date Masks
    EIN Masks
    Main interface includes superior navigation and data
    Runs faster and more streamlined
    Default Website, Launch from QuickFinder
    Smarter checking of telecomm. type
    Smarter Soundex searching
    Web support
    New Maiden Name: bug fix for full name

    Better Main Menus with more options
    Better Main Menu Help, with detailed How Do I support

    Palm pilot integration via Outlook
    Export Data
    Create Contact/Task Books of Favorites available off-line
    Integration into Outlook: Tasks and Contacts
    Favorite Objects

    More control over documents, including document properties

    You can now save and display your favorite objects for easy viewing: Ziata! objects, files, folders and programs!

    Move file to another client
    Move a subfile to another client
    Move a subfile to another file
    Move a document to another subfile
    Drag and drop file management
    Rename a file or subfile resynchonizes to disk
    Improved disk synchronization

    Pad is overall smarter
    Smarter recognition of telecomm types
    Smarter connecting of objects
    Consistent naming and default relation names
    Internationalization of telephone masks

    Entity Properties
    Add default website
    Traps changing client names to sync folders
    Automatic Client name and folder synchronization to disk
    Add a person's picture to the database, great for security

    Files Properties
    Now automatically adds document objects to the subfile object
    Synchronizes physical documents on disk to Ziata

    Location Properties
    Add a location's picture to the database, great for real estate deals

    Networkwide Importing
    "Non-modal"; can minimize and use other modules

    Birthday/Annual Meeting Mindsavers Smarter
    Mindsaver now automatically prints nightly reports
    Mindsaver Dates has a new "whose" field, 
    like Mindsavers, which defaults to the
    related Mindsaver "whose" field.
    New Control Panel
    Move to Another Client
    Copy a Mindsaver
    Create a Form Mindsaver for Re-Use or Copy as a Form
    New and Improved tracking of Mindsavers

    Improved update/upgrade notices
    Automatic registration notices

    Project Properties
    Now has a default Subject, used by default in related objects

    Distribution Lists 
    Physical Publications (Labels) much more powerful addressing
    Wedding Lists a breeze 

    Lookup a Company
    Checks for a Direct Dial for Extensions
    Additional sorting, filtering, relating
    Remembers state and country information for a city

    Smarter "Best Telephone Number" finding
    Sort by First Names
    Distribution Lists for Email
    Improved contact date maintenance
    Improved Notes creation
    Create client and entity notes from a menu item
    Much improved menuing

    To Do List
    Mindsavers by Date
    Mindsavers by Client
    Report Lookup
    Many More!!

    Full Security Rights, on a user/group basis

    Telecomm Lists
    Improved Filtering and Sorting

    Fix to Backup directory routine


    *Profiles: You can now establish different folder Profiles. If you need multiple Profiles, you can turn on profile selection in the Configuration screen. Each Profile can point to a different set of databases, eg. Portable Computer Profile, Server Profile, Test Profile.

    *Synchronization of Portable Files: You can now take databases and synchronize them with, for example, the server databases. You must have more than one Profile for the this option. See Utilities, Synchronize.

    *QuickFinder: Extremely powerful field and SQL filtering at View, Filters, Tailored Filters.

    *Generally: Entities now inherit locations of Immediate Family Members


    *QuickEntry: Did not save addresses to both person and company even if checked on Additional tab.

    *QuickFinder: Menu now says "Mark as [Client]" and "Unmark as [Client]" to be more intuitive that you are not creating or deleting a data record.

    *Relations: Family Tree inheritance was improved.

    *Properties Boxes: Now says "Notes Exists" on tabs if notes exist.
    bullet Our international users have requested additional international support, primarily in field labels and entry masks.  We acknowledge this issue and are working diligently to implement the requests.
    bullet Version 5.1.1.  Pre-release early version currently available on CD-ROM.  
    • Books Properties: 
      • Able to be canceled without section information.
    • General
      • Additional international support.
      • Updated Help File.
      • Updated QuickStart Document
    • Main Menu
      • Website support on menu.
    • New Functionality
      • Object Creation Wizard.
    • Quick Entry: 
      • Default button changed to Apply from OK.  
      • If information exists and you try to cancel, prompts for confirmation.
    • QuickFinder: 
      • Ampersand allowed in search string.
    • Publications: 
      • More subscription and addressing options.
      • Toggle Hold for physical subscriptions.


    bullet Version  5/14/00.  
    • Additional subscription support for physical mailings.
      • Key functionality for consolidated addresses; that is, if you have two people at one address and you want the label to include both names (eg, a husband and wife), it's just a mouse click.
      • More configuration options.
    • Folder References:
      • Folder References change when Customer name changes and the physical directory name is changed, if you choose.
    bullet Version  4/00.  Freeware release.  To many improvements to identify here. 

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