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For more than 10 years, Ziata Solutions has been providing solutions for business problems.  Operating on the new Ziata!
Infinity!360 data engine, Ziata! supplies a core data collection point, with multi-directional search capability, for add-on functionality and customization. 

Ziata! 2010 uses SQL Server to manage data, providing even greater flexibility for data control.  All of the business logic and rules remain, but with the power of SQL data management.  This provides control at the operational level with business rules, with data management by your or our IT staff.  Ziata! 2010 with the new Infinity!360 data engine is not available online and is considered an enterprise solution.  Contact us for details.

  The power of Ziata! is compelling.  Ziata! takes the most sophisticated relational database and implements it with user-friendly business workflow modules.  With many 5-star awards and accolades to its credit, Ziata! remains the finest work-flow solution available anywhere at any price.  See more...

Never before have you been able to integrate your database, email and workflow. 

Ziata!'s object-oriented data design gets easier as the database grows.  Yes, unlike other databases, the more data entered, the easier it gets.   You just re-use the data objects.

With numerous awards and recognitions to its credit, Ziata! continues to redefine customer relationship management.  See more below and on this Ziata! support website.  For a limited time, registered users of Version 6 will have a free upgrade to Version 7, due June 2005.

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Just Released!  My Key Ring! Version 3.1. is absolutely the best electronic key ring and password manager available.  You can track websites, license codes, computer hardware and software numbers, etc.  Now, with LaunchAssist!, My Key Ring! even places your logon information on top of the website to make logon easier for you.  No other password managers come close to the elegance of this wonderful interface.  Beauty and simplicity.

The look is familiar to you--just like most email packages.  It's all drag and drop, point and click.  Passwords are Double Vault<tm> encryption protect.  Password histories are saved.  User interface configurable.  Unlimited databases and passwords!  See more...


"Ziata!", "E-MSG!", "Mindsaver," "Sometimes Power Comes Easy," "My Key Ring!," "Double Vault" and "LaunchAssist!" are trademarks of Ziata Solutions, LLC. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.  Copyright 2002-2005 Ziata Solutions, LLC. All rights reserved.  Last modified: Friday September 15, 2006.

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