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Module Name Description Date Source
E-MSG!: In/Out

Use In/Out w/multiple separate companies.  Version 3.0 only.  Later versions unnecessary.

In a shared office environment, there may be many separate businesses that share a receptionist.  Thus, the receptionist needs to track all people, but the companies are separate, so, except for in/out data, all database and security must be separately retained.  This can be done!  (The E-MSG! module was developed in this environment.) 03-01-98 TN-001.htm
General Import into a network-wide database whereby all users can perform the import. Additional server database for importing.  Use only on Full install Version 5.1.1.x.  Updating 5.1.1.x. will update the workstation files but not the server files.  The Administrator should apply these files onto the server. 07-06-00 Server Import Files

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