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STEP 1.  Download all ".exe" files.   The Full Version, Upgrades and Updates may or may not be broken down into multiple separate self-extracting ".exe" files. 

Click each "download software" link on our software webpage and you will be asked to save the document to your local disk.  When saving to your local disk, please confirm the proper folder.  (We do not recommend that you save the files in your c:\windows\desktop folder.  We recommend you creating a new folder, such as c:\data\downloads\ziata, or L:\data\ziata\fullVersion if you are going to be installing on multiple network workstations. You can create directories usually by right-clicking in the filelist selection box.)  Save each file in that directory.  The files you download are self-extracting archives--they are not the operational program itself.  Archive files are like libraries with multiple files compressed and unified.  This makes downloading faster.  Compressed archives also bear the ".zip" extension, but those are not self-extracting and you must use additional software to extract the compressed files.

STEP 2.  Extract the Archives.  In Windows Explorer, double click each file and it will automatically extract.  This is not the actual program itself running, it is the archive extracting itself into the directory.  Usually a "DOS box" will appear and show you the progress of the extraction.  You need to do this to all of the downloaded files.  After extracting, you will still have the original self-extracting archives in the folder, plus multiple individual files that were extracted.  If there are multiple download files, extract one program at a time.  For example, if you download all the Ziata! archives 1-5 and any Updates, you should completely work with and install one program (see Step 3) before extracting the other (that is, separately the main program, then the update).  You might even want to keep in separate directories.  Otherwise, the files from the second extracted program may overwrite the files from the first program.

Sometimes there is an archive "wrapper" around the archive files.  When you run the archive, like the ziata.exe download, they do not automatically extract, you get a window that shows all of the files in the archive.  You must then mark or otherwise select all of the files and choose a menu item to extract them out of the wrapper into a directory of your choice (presumably the same directory).

STEP 3.  Run "Setup.exe".  Once all of the files are extracted, you can double click on Setup.exe from the Windows Explorer.  Setup is the setup program installing the actual software on your computer.  After Setup runs, you should have the folders and icons for the program available to you.

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